Welcome to Arcadia Angels…

Seeing a rise in low-income individuals struggling more than ever with high prices, high inflation and stagnant wages as well as limited assistance from the government, we have started a new opportunity.  With our unique online shop, we provide commission-based positions for our affiliates to make additional income for themselves, to help them with their monthly obligations.

Arcadia originally started in 2018, as a Tiny Home Community providing individuals with the opportunity to build a low-cost Tiny Home and live at Arcadia not connected to the grid, allowing significant savings in monthly costs. Since then we continued to provide custom storage solutions and unique furniture and one-of-a-kind home decor pieces, specific to Tiny living with a unique, rustic, decorative flair.

In 2022, we expanded our program to encompass the spirit of giving back, by offering high commission sales positions to low-income individuals who want to make a difference and thrive in life.