Our Affiliate program is simple. We have set up a unique online store with thousands of products for our Affiliates to show their prospective Clients for all their shopping needs from home decor to gifts and related items. Each Affiliate leverages their inner circle of friends and family and acquaintances to support them by purchasing directly from local suppliers, locals sales reps instead of big chains such as Amazon or Walmart, putting money in the pockets of low-income individuals.


Easy Steps to becoming an Affiliate:
1) After completing a simple registration form, each affiliate receives their own custom Rep/ID number so that all purchases are matched to earn their commission.
2) All items purchased by the Affiliates’ Client are directly shipped to the Client.
3) Each affiliate is responsible for spreading the word about our unique online shop and collecting their commission upon final completion and successful delivery of items to Client.

Free to Join the Program
No investment, fees or buy-ins required
20% commission (pre-tax/pre-shipping amount)
No Minimum Purchase
Buy Direct & have it shipped directly to your Client
Free shipping direct to Customer (within GTA/minimal fees for out-of-town delivery)
Hundreds of products available and expanding each week
Start immediately
Choose your hours
$100 Gift Certificate for Employee of the Month
3% of all Sales donated to local Charities
Limited Affiliate positions available each month to prevent over saturation (Waiting list available)
Group Bonus Available within 3 months of becoming an Affiliate at 1% of combined sales (pre-tax/pre-shipping amount)
Group Benefits available at cost to all Affiliates (typically $100-$300 per individual/family). Click here for pricing options.
Silver Package Benefits to Affiliates with Sales of $5,000+ per month

Please fill out the form below to start the process of registering as an affiliate:


Arcadia Angels empowers low-income Individuals to Thrive in Life by providing income opportunities through our unique online store.